Cake Batter x2

18 Aug

You might be thinking I’ve given up my baking/cooking Pinterest project, as I have not posted in forever. I’ve been busy, and avoiding baking as it is starting to have its toll on my poor, poor waistline. No worries, I recently had some more baking excuses! And they happened to be themed: birthday cake! I hate admitting that another year has passed, but I used my birthday and a recent long weekend spent at the cottage as excuses for more baking.

For our weekend at the cottage I made birthday cake blondies from Sally’s Baking Addiction. I was hesitant at first, as the recipe calls for boxed cake mix and I prefer making stuff from scratch. In the end however, I was pressed for time so it worked out well. The recipe is very simple and straight-forward, it takes no time at all. The only trouble is the baking time, it was off for me. My first batch came out a little over-baked and so I reduced the time for the second half. This might be because I was using a toaster oven, but for future bake it for 5 minutes less and check on it. They were delicious and did indeed taste like cake batter. Next time however I will try using yellow cake mix, as I had used vanilla and the flavour of that overpowered the cake batter flavour at times.

Continuing in the birthday cake excuses for birthday vein, I chose to be more adventurous with my second recipe. I decided to attempt to make cake batter truffles. It seemed easy enough plus I had some extra cake mix laying around from a previous recipe and I had just bought sprinkles for the cake batter blondies. The truffle part was easy to make. What they neglect to mention is that the sprinkles will bleed colour into the truffle and onto your hands as you shape them. Then came the hard part: the chocolate coating. Things really fell apart here. It became a terrible mess and I started having flashbacks to that time I tried to make cakepops. It was a kitchen disaster all over again. Really, unless you having awesome kitchen skills, this recipe is not that great and not worth the trouble.


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