Friday Night Fooding

18 Aug

It took us a while, but we finally go around to going to Dundas Park Kitchen, voted best cheap eats 2013. The kicker is we used to live so close by to it and now we had to transit out one way*. We looked up the menu online and I had high hopes for dinner. I knew already what I was going to order, there was no question: breakfast sandwich! Brent had been considering the half chicken meal but was dissuaded by a side of soup. I had a bite of his sandwich and I could not for the life of me decide if it was better than mine. We swapped back and forth again, still no verdict. Both sandwiches were amazing, but in different ways too. The chicken in Brent’s sandwich was better than the breakfast sausage in mine, but the toppings, oh man the toppings were amazing. I wolfed it down in no time.

For dessert we had ordered two cookies and a galette (fruit filled pastry with almond). We were too full for the galette, but I could not resist the cookies. The chocolate chip one with a pretzel in the middle was pretty good, but I could do without the pretzel. The chocolate chips were all melty. The birthday cake cookie however, that was the best birthday cake cookie I have ever had. Ever. It was so fresh and chewy and tasted like vanilla cake. I caved and ate the pastry as we walked home, it was a bit dense but the fruit filling was good, especially with the hint of almond flavour.

If I lived closer this would definitely be a regular haunt for me.


*this will become a recurring theme until I get used to it



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