Late Night Pizza

03 Sep

Best late night pizza recently got updated. Now it was Amico’s pizza in Parkdale. I happened to be in Etobicoke for a few days this week. I thought, heck, why not reinstate our Fooding Wednesdays Date Night? I could walk over and meet Brent there. And then it is only a short walk to Bang Bang for an ice cream dessert. It is unbelievably hot this week after all, and it is my last week of summer.

The plans were set. I was so looking forward to a greasy slice of pepperoni pizza. I did not expect to have a sit-down meal in a bar. Late night pizza should not involve any thinking. You look in the case and order whatever pizza is left. The greasier the better. Instead we found ourselves sitting in a bar (maybe that is why it was voted best?) and deciding on toppings. The garlic bread with cheese was good. The pizza, well, that was another story. It honestly tasted like a frozen pizza. Were it not for the wide variety of toppings available and pizzas built to suit, I’d swear I was served a frozen pizza. Even at half price, it was not a good deal. I had two slices and that was all I could take. The pepperonis were bland! The cheese barely there!! What a travesty!

Bang Bang proved to be equally disappointing. After a 25 minute wait in the sweltering heat (even though it was 9pm) I made the mistake of ordering the wacky instead of the trusty. I should have gotten a ginger cookie, instead I opted for a taro chiffon cake. It was not that good. The rocky roadkill ice cream was very tasty yes, but not worth 25 minutes of waiting. It was about the same as Toronto pothole ice cream from Summer’s in Yorkville. The cookie is what makes it at Bang Bang, and I screwed up.


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