Seattle to Vancouver and Victoria- Day 10

23 Sep

Sun. Aug. 30, 2015:
Sooke to Victoria, BC to home:

It was nice to already have a breakfast ready-to-go and an iced coffee as well. It made getting up early that much less painful. I drank my iced coffee while standing on the balcony watching the river otters play. In total we counted about seven of them. Two came ashore and we realized it was a mother and her baby. They groomed each other for a bit and then swam off. We had printed our boarding passes the night before (why it never occurred to us to do this every time, who knows).

As we drove on the highway a bird flew right in front of our car and it had nearly cleared us, but as it was passing by *THWOMP* it was a goner. In a highway median we saw at least 40 black and grey rabbits. I guess at the first sign of rain they were eating what little grass had already started to sprout.

There was no easy way to get to the airport. We had to take a coach bus and that hour seemed to go on forever. The people behind us were talking so loudly the whole time, the guy barely came up for air. The bus stops were not announced and we were unsure of when exactly to get off. We got off at what we thought was our stop, but in walking to the airport we realized we had missed the stop. Even still, there was no bus that actually went into the airport and where we were walking there were no sidewalks. It was poorly designed. Later on there was a bike lane so we walked in that instead. Near the airport there was a large grassy field, apparently there was a bull who grazed there, but I saw nothing.

Our flight had been overbooked and they were offering a $400 credit to anyone who would take the next flight, arriving two hours later. Alas, a lady had beat me to the counter and she got it instead.


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