Dîner à Toronto

01 Oct

The best of Toronto list was updated yet again. Best French restaurant was finally updated (Ici Bistro has been closed for a while now). Thank the lucky stars! A place near us! Except the school year has started, and so has my gym access. Normally I would have been thrilled with a (relatively) short walk down to the Distillery District. That day in particular I was cursing my dead legs.

Cluny Bistro was new to the Distillery District (since I had been there last a few years ago, or I had never noticed it, who can say). I was excited for dinner, as the last two times I had French cuisine in Toronto it was amazing (La Societe and Ici Bistro). I looked up the menu beforehand and noticed that they had grilled skate. I had to Google what exactly a skate is (I had a vague idea, something like a sting ray?). I was right. And now I would get to eat another type of animal!

We ordered the sweet breads as an appetizer. I was intrigued, as they were served a-la buffalo wings. They weren’t lying when they said “buffalo fried”, it was like eating buffalo wings without the pesky bones. I still do not understand the appeal of celery or blue cheese dipping sauce. They are unnecessary and take up precious space where there could be more wings. Feeling fancy we decided to split a bottle of wine (even though it was Ontario wine and not French). I had noticed when we came in that the bottles seemed rather small, still we split a half bottle instead. This amounted to a generous glass each. As we ate our mains, Brent overheard at the other table that they had beer. We ended up getting a second round of drinks. I finally got my glass of French wine, a delicious rose from somewhere in France.

Was it the best French food in the city? The steak frites Brent had were tasty. The skate was good until I got to the all the tiny bones. Not only were they annoying to eat around, but it was suddenly very clear how skates move and I could picture it swimming in the water and it unsettled me. But I still prefer La Societe (as I cannot prefer Ici Bistro, it has shut down).


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