It’s Not As Gory As It Seems!

01 Oct

Best pasta had recently been updated. Now it was Buca. We had gone there for an anniversary dinner a really (really, as in before we started this fooding adventure) time ago. The food had been amazing, so I was looking forward to a fancy Wednesday evening dinner. Even if it meant having to wear fancy shoes. Last time we went we had ordered an appetizer that was amazing. When I checked the menu and saw taht they still had it, I knew we had to order the warm bread knots with olive oil, rosemary and garlic. I had also wanted to get lamb brains as an appetizer. By now we have ordered sweetbreads a lot of times, never sure if brains were involved. I wanted to satiate my curiosity. Brains are not as gross as they sound. It helped that they were wrapped in crispy fried prosciutto. The brain itself was grey and very soft, slightly gooey-chewy and tasted mildly of liver. But a very tasty dish.

For the mains, Brent went with the fail-safe spaghetti. I went the complete opposite route and had the pork-blood pasta. I had enjoyed pork blood pasta at the previous best pasta, Enoteca Sociale, so why not? When it arrived it looked so pretty. It was neatly coiled with a pile of smoked cheese on top. The server then proceeded to mix it up for me. It was a spicy dish, but other than the spicy and the noodle there was not much else flavour-wise. It kind of tasted like spicy noodles but there was a substantial portion of taste missing. Brent’s dish won by miles. It had more flavours and was fuller.

While I was tempted by a chocolate mousse that had pigs blood, we were too full for dessert. And we had split a bottle of red wine.


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