Lemon Chia Muffins

01 Oct

At first I was wary of cooking with ricotta cheese. I even had trouble finding it in the grocery store. At my No Frills it shared fridge space with sushi. I was also hesitant about chia seeds. From childhood I associated them with grass growing out the top of a head as a novelty. Now I was supposed to eat these seeds? Food or toy?

Regardless, I put my faith in the recipe (and comments section) and made the muffins. Other than having to grate two lemons, the recipe is easy and straightforward. And the muffins? Delicious! It is worth it to grate the lemons and use real lemon juice, the flavour really does come through. These lemon chia seed muffins are now a staple and go-to when I want to make muffins!


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