So Much for Dinner

01 Oct

We had run out of places nearby to eat, in terms of BlogTO’s best of. We now had to transit both ways to get dinner. I was OK with this, it was bound to happen at some point. We took the subway to Lawrence West one Tuesday evening. We were going to Dr. Laffa’s for dinner (best falafel, best hummus, best shawarma, and best kosher restaurant). I was really looking forward to this dinner, not just because of the multiple best of’s, but also because I was voraciously hungry. We got there only to find that it was closed. Sign in the door said they were closed for Yom Kippur (which was actually the next day). Aargh! There was nothing else nearby for dinner plans.

Fingers crossed, we walked back towards Dufferin. Maybe the best latin American cafe would have sandwiches? Alas, Columbus Bakery did not have sandwiches. We got an alfajore cookie, a custard and dulce de leche cake and a bun. Brent thought maybe the bun would be savoury, it appeared to have salt on top of it. The salt was sugar and inside there was more dulce de leche filling. It was delicious but after having just eaten the alfajore it was a bit too much sugar. The alfajore had a strong vanilla flavour but it lacked filling, and towards the end it was so dry and sticking to my throat. We had to save the piece of cake for later, I was on sugar overload. The cake was the best dessert. I have a soft spot for custard. And the pastry flake was well done and not stale.


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