Sushi for Two

01 Oct

Best sushi takeout was revoted and updated to Japango which happens to be right smack downtown. The school year had barely begun, and it still felt like summer. One night I was on Instagram and I saw a remarkable photograph of ice cream geo-tagged Sweet Jesus. My eyes bugged out of my head, there was a place with such an amazing name and such amazing ice cream?! AND IT WAS IN TORONTO?! Sign me up!! I insisted that the week’s fooding trip be to Sweet Jesus so I could have one last ice cream cone before succumbing to autumn and school.

Rather than get takeout sushi and then go get ice cream we reversed the order: dessert first. I was unsure about how busy Sweet Jesus would be. It was a hot Wednesday and it was TIFF season. We got there and the line was not too bad, maybe 10-15 people in front of us? Apparently for the business-suits behind us it was too long a line. We laughed as we waited less than 20 minutes. They had a great set-up. Someone would come out to the line and hand out menus, come back and take orders. By the time we had paid we were being handed our ice cream cones. There was much debate over the menu. Initially I wanted to get the rocky road, however there were a few other contenders on the list, particularly the cookies and cream. Brent ended up getting that one and I had the rocky road. It was supposed to have marshmallow flavoured soft serve but the taste was too subtle and was lost on both of us. The stand-out winner was the cookie dough in Brent’s cone. We had planned on walking and eating our ice cream cones but as soon as we dug into the monstrosities it became evident. We would have to sit down and tame them before we were safe to walk and eat.

On the walk Brent called ahead to place an order for sushi takeout- brilliant. We ordered a medium sized tray because small seemed too small. Needless to say we got some looks as we walked down the street with a giant tray of sushi. It was just a little bit too much sushi. And yes it was delicious, but there was no unagi so I have trouble saying it was the best takeout sushi in the city. My heart still belongs to Sushi on Bloor.

We now have a million packets of soy sauce and chop sticks in the house.


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