Cuban Brunch

12 Oct

I was already heading out in the direction of Roncesvalles, so we planned on getting a DayPass and having brunch before I headed to my family’s house. We finally got around to going to the best brunch spot of 2013: La Cubana. It fit my strict parameters: open early and not too busy.

If there are donuts on the menu, I cannot resist. I’m a sucker for donuts. We started off our brunch with a warm plate of mini donut balls and they were delicious! The real winner however was the cafe au leche. I have never had coffee that good in the city, or anywhere for that matter. This was by far the best cup of coffee I have had in my life so far. This is no exaggeration. I made a note to myself to figure out what they did to make it so good. The only clues I have so far are “leche” and that it tasted a little sweet and it was Cuban style.

For our mains we decided to get one sandwich and one breakfast platter, that way we would only have one order of sides to split. Partly also because we ordered cassava fritters as an extra side. Of the Cuban breakfast plate the rice and beans were the best. The tostones were a bit dry (but I was later told they are supposed to be so, they are supposed to be crispy- I don’t know what I had been expecting), the pork was surprisingly bland. The egg, well it was OK once I ate around the yolk (I maintain my dislike of egg yolks, it’s the texture). We swapped halfway. The cubano sandwich was very tasty, can’t go wrong with ham and cheese melted together between good bread. That is, until I hit a pickle. Why would you put pickles in there?! I had a few cassava fritters and they were amazing, particularly the tiny ones that were super crispy.

But that coffee, mygod, that coffee. ❤


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