Boston to Maine: Weekender Edition- Day 3

23 Oct

Sun. Oct. 18, 2015:
Kennebunkport, Maine to Boston, Massachusetts to Toronto:

The complimentary breakfast downstairs was nice because it was fancy but self-serve. The coffee was delicious, and for once I did not end up with a banana muffin. Even better, there was granola to put in the yogurt. It was all going well, we had a comfy seat in a booth and Brent was looking for the crossword in the New York Times. Then the crazy old man beside us picked up on a comment Brent made about football. And he kept talking and talking. We had to eat fast and leave. He looked like a mad scientist/crazed writer, with dishevelled white hair and an odd look in his eyes.

We packed up and set off. We considered walking to Gooches Beach, renowned for the cold. But it was 25 minutes one way and it made more sense to drive instead. Parking would not be an issue as it was October. It really was cold on the beach, I longed for my hat and gloves. There were so many dogs on the beach, it was great to watch. There were gorgeous views of the ocean and beach houses. I felt a little silly on the beach in my leather boots though.

Driving to Walker’s Point, we passed by Mabel’s Lobster Claw (our lunch plans). It had just opened, and we reversed our plans. Trying to find a parking spot was confusing as the spots to the side were reserved for the places next door. After driving by three times, we parked outside a hotel across the street. From the restaurant we could see the car. For lunch we split a lobster roll and crab cakes. I of course had to try the clam chowder, it would be my last one for a long time. It was amazing (all capital letters, underlined and with exclamation marks in my notebook). The clam chowder combined the greatness of the two I had previously into one even better one. I’ve never had clam chowder with that many clam pieces in it and so thick too. The lobster roll was also out of this world, best one I’ve ever had and I can see why they are renowned for it. It had large chunks of lobster (so much that it was falling out with every bite). There was just a tiny bit of mayo and the bun, was toasted AND buttered. I didn’t even mind the lettuce, in fact I enjoyed it. I could not resist having a local drink too. It was just vodka and Maine ginger beer and it was delicious. Dessert was equally outstanding. Brent had read about their famous peanut butter ice cream, which they also serve as an ice cream pie. The plan was to split it. However when our server told us that they also had on special a Maine blueberry pie, I had to get a slice. An amazing meal overall, easily one of the all time best.

Peanut butter ice cream pie smothered in hot fudge

At the restaurant we overheard that the Bush family had left town last week. Add that to our list of “just missed them” families. There were lots of people at Walker’s Point gawking at the Bushes vacation homes compound. There were about 8 secret service cars on the property. It was still cold out, but not nearly as bad as in the morning when it was only 3 degrees Celsius.

We stopped at the Rachel Carson Nature Wildlife Refuge. We went on a short leisure hike on a looped trail. All along the walk they had lookout points to see the marshes. Alas, we saw only a chipmunk, no bald eagles. We had nice views of the changing leaves though. The cold was now manageable, it was even a little nice out when the wind died down (it was a bright sunny day).

We drove past a coffee shop called Brewed Awakenings, it made me giggle. When we crossed back into New Hampshire I almost forgot to cheer, we had crossed a state line. We gave a good cheer when we crossed back into Massachusetts though. I was so sleepy, I could barely stay awake. We passed by a few stores, but they were difficult to get to, I had to forgo snacks and coffee.

Driving to the airport we got to drive over the bridge that is shown in the TV show Fringe. We got to the airport 3 hours before our flight because we had to return the rental car. When we got off the shuttle at our terminal I realized to my horror that it was snowing! I shouted that I wanted to go back home. It turned out the airport website was wrong, our terminal did in fact have a duty-free shop, actually it had two. What it lacked though was a Dunkin’ Donuts. I had to settle for Starbucks, and the lady charged me for a white mocha when I had ordered a white hot chocolate. I realized too late and was too tired to argue.

We found a spot to set up camp. After a while I got antsy, I went to get some snacks. Trying to read and eat candy, I ended up getting antsy again. This time I walked to the other end of the terminal to get more chips. We would not be getting in until late and this would have to be my dinner. I did not want to resort to eating Burger King, Doritos were a better alternative. Eventually Brent got annoyed with the slow internet and so I took the laptop and started typing up the notes from my book. However I was doing this in notepad, knowing what a pain it would be to format later.

There was an announcement, our flight had been overbooked. They were offering someone a $1000 voucher if they took the next flight at 9:30pm. I ran for our gate. She said she had one person who was considering it, but her co-worker said they could not save it if someone else was in for sure. She was on the phone with her supervisor getting the details and asked me if I would be needing a hotel. I looked at her confused, a hotel? In my head I thought they were going to add it on to the flight voucher. Just to be safe I confirmed the flight time. She said it was 9:30am. A guy standing by the counter said he thought the same thing. Alas, I could not take it as I had school the next day and an assignment to hand in. our flight had also started boarding, I had to run back and get Brent. Turns out the announcement had not been made in our section of the airport, he didn’t even know we were boarding. I had been the only person on our flight to buy stuff at the duty-free store, I felt so bad for the lady having to stand there with my purchases waiting for me. On the flight they announced that it was 4 degrees Celsius back home. Damn it I thought, it would be warmer at home. The whole flight home I thought about that voucher. Maybe I should have gone for it? Next time, it will happen next time for sure.

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