Farmhouse Brunch

08 Nov

Farmhouse Tavern was voted best brunch place that takes reservations (leading one to realize how many liberties “best of” has taken, what next, best brunch west of Yonge St.?). This was my kind of brunch place, opens at 11am and no need to show up super early before opening to get a table.

The menu was written on a chalkboard behind us but it was not entirely clear, what exactly was the breakfast threesome? The server had to explain to us the details of the menu items. Then it became clear, the breakfast threesome sounded awesome: foie gras, a deep-fried egg and crispy duck. We ordered drinks, I had jumped the gun, and as soon as I saw mimosa I was set. Until Brent noticed the apple cider sangria. He did not like it as much, and so we traded drinks.

The bread (found underneath the duck leg) was amazing!! As was the duck, the skin was nice and crispy but the meat was deliciously greasy. The foie gras was where it dipped off for me. Turns out I am just not a fan of foie gras. The knockout was the apple cider sangria.


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