Halloween Brunch

08 Nov

I’m against leaving the house on Halloween, too many people and its impossible to get around. This does not hold true for the mornings though, and so one Saturday morning we took transit out to Liberty Village for an early morning breakfast. Mildred’s Temple Kitchen had recently been voted best pancakes and I had to see for myself.

We got there early, I was afraid we would have another Auntie’s & Uncle’s situation on our hands. Even worse I feared they would run out of pancakes, on the website they suggest trying the pancakes on a weekday. I imagined at least a few people milling around outside, waiting for the place to open. I was wrong. I was so wrong. We circled Liberty Village twice and went in 5 minutes after open. There were not a lot of people inside. It was only 9 in the morning.

Turns out going out in the daytime on Halloween is fun. The staff were all in costume and they had even set up a Halloween table display near the entrance, two skeletons having wine.

When I ordered the pancakes, Napoleon Bonaparte (our server was in costume of course) commented that it was the best item on the menu. I had really high hopes for these pancakes, I was less so interested in Brent’s steak and eggs sandwich. Even though it promised garlic bread.

I was presented a giant stack of fluffy pancakes with blueberries throughout and just the right amount of maple syrup (hence the reason they did not provide any on the side). I tore into them immediately. The restaurant was already in my good books, they kept topping up my coffee. The pancakes were so light and fluffy and there were blueberries baked into them as well. Definitely some of the best pancakes I have ever had. The sandwich was OK, but it was too much food by that point and most of the garlic brioche had disappeared. I found some under the salad, but it was too late. I was too full. The rosemary bacon, though that is what made me so full, was so worth it.


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