The Pizza That Almost Killed Us

15 Nov

A long time ago, a restaurant opened on Queen Street by the Eaton Centre. Their call to fame was a pizza, topped with poutine… and duck. Alas, I was too poor to splurge on something so divine-sounding, at a sit-down restaurant no less. Well Bannock was recently voted best turkey burger, and we needed a second food item to make it a complete dinner. Nothing else on the menu really stood out, and we figured we would eat as much as we could.

We ordered a side of bread as well, we had to try the bannock bread that the restaurant is named after. And I remember them having really good bread from when I used to eat from their cafeteria-style restaurant downstairs. To drink I could not resist a cocktail that included lemonade, maple syrup and a maple sugar rim. Maple lemonade is now one of my new favourite things.

When I ordered the pizza the server looked at me quizzically and warned me that it was enormous. I laughed and said we are splitting it. He was not kidding. The pizza took up a sizeable space on our table. The turkey burger was delicious, better than any I’ve had previously. But I am still not big on turkey burgers, the meat does not lend itself well to burgers. The poutine pizza hit so many good spots. However each bite was the equivalent of three bites of regular food. It was so heavy and delicious, with just the right amount of duck and really good cheese. It very quickly became too much and we had to bail about 2/3 of the way in. The really unfortunate thing is that fries do not hold up well cold, ruining our future plans of cold pizza.



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