♪ Cheeseburgers in Paradise ♪

22 Nov

Best cheeseburger was recently updated and I was thrilled, burgers are great, with cheese they’re even better. I was so psyched just thinking about the cheesey messy gooey goodness that awaited me for our Saturday lunch date at Indie Alehouse in the Junction. When we got there I realized I had pointed the place out when we went to Playa Cabana Cantina.

My only lunch-time concern was drink options. This was a microbrewery (read: beer)… would they have a winelist or cocktails? Better still, they had an aptly named raspberry ale (Punch Buggy). At first I strongly considered getting it as part of Brent’s tasting flight of 5 different beers, but at the last moment I decided to get an entire glass. Worst case, if I didn’t like it Brent would (happily?) have finished it for me.

We ordered the Royale burger and the short rib burger. After one bite of the short rib burger I passed it back to Brent, it had too much going on and it was too much meat. He felt similarly unimpressed with my burger and we traded back. I actually, for once in my life, liked the lettuce. It added a refreshing crunch to it. The bun was also amazing, topped with sesame seeds and it did not get soggy from the burger juices.

Was it the best cheeseburger in the city though? No. That title is still held by Burger’s Priest burger The Priest. It had lots of cheese, not just one slice that results in only one gooey bite. Indie Alehouse does win however for best microbrew pub in the city. The raspberry ale is a beer I would happily drink more than once. It’s too bad they didn’t it bottled for sale in the shop. I tasted some of the other beers as well, and they were quite delicious (keep in mind I hate beer).


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