Pizza and Brownies? Oh My!

15 Jan

Best pizza delivery and best brownie were recently updated. Best brownie, as far as I can tell, was a new contender (years ago I had lamented the very lack of a category on the best of!). Mabel’s just so happened to be on the way to Frank’s Pizza House. Sometimes it’s ok to eat dessert before dinner if it makes this much sense.

The best brownie in Toronto? I am hesitant. While the brownie was delicious, and delivered more than the triple chocolate promised, it was a bit too rich for me. Even eating half of it was overwhelming. Maybe I am just too old. If I had eaten only a few bites then yes, it could easily be the best brownie- but then it’s a sad small brownie. The takeaway is this: if you enjoy rich indulgent super-chocolate-y brownies, this one is perfect for you. It does get bonus points for not being overly sweet and for having nuts.


What about the best pizza delivery in town, were the masses right? Nope. OK, so we did not order it because we are out of range, but a pizza is a pizza. While I liked the calzones we had at Frank’s Pizza House last time, the pizza fell a bit short. There was not much cheese on it. We ordered the one with prosciutto and salami and two other meats on it. no realizing that this could be a rather salty combination.


No pizza place I have eaten at thus far has held a candle to Vesuvio’s though.


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