Beast of a Brunch

06 Mar

I had seen a post on Instagram of an epic looking donut. I had to go to this place, I had to try this donut. I did not care that it was not a best of Toronto according  to the list. And so we wound up waking up early and making the walk down to Tecumseth & King in the hopes of an awesome brunch at Beast. They get bonus points for opening at 10am, any earlier and it may have been a deal-breaker.

We got there 15 minutes early, as I had read online that you must get there early, the tables fill up and the donuts sell out. I was expecting an Auntie’s & Uncle’s situation, get there early and still not early enough. This was not the case, maybe it was the all the snow, who knows. There was one other person lined up outside. I was still secretly worried that the donuts would sell out, as they are also sold from the back of the restaurant.

I was not expecting such an elaborate set-up when I ordered coffee. It was special enough on its own, being from Sam James Coffee Bar. I was presented with french press and a timer, once it went off I could press myself a fresh cup of brewed coffee. We ordered two donuts, deciding it made sense to order the house special: maple bacon. I had avoided that combination for so long but was willing to try it again. It was actually quite good, as the bacon was a light sprinkling of bacon crumbs. The mocha crisp donut was still better. The donuts were delicious and fresh- but not as good as Von Doughnuts.

Brent had ordered the chicken club sandwich on a buttermilk biscuit. Rather than order another sandwich, I opted for the breakfast platter. I was worried I’d have too much food. But the sandwich was enormous, I did not even attempt to bite it, I just stole a piece of fried chicken. The grilled chorizo sausage in the platter was delicious and spicy and you can’t go wrong with potatoes. Even the eggs were delicious, as over the years I have grown accustomed to eating egg yolks- only when scrambled with the egg whites though, let’s not get crazy. All in all it was a very delicious brunch with a few stand outs.

I cannot remember for the life of me how I found out about it, but somehow I found out that Quantum Coffee (newly opened at King and Spadina where the backpackers hostel was since forever) serves a creme brulee latte. Given we were already in the area, I thought why not have another coffee? Becuase the top has to be torched, the coffee is not made to go. If we were going to sit in the cafe, we may as well order some baked goods too? Right? It was a themed order as I was enchanted by the delicious looking toasted marshmallow pastry puff, which was tasty but not as much as I had expected. The cappuccino (I had been calling it a latte when in fact they said it was a cappuccino) was delicious even though the topping was not rock hard and I barely had to break it with my spoon. Still a fun place to go for a coffee.


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