15 Mar

I ran out of jam again. That is what precipitates my jam-making sessions, not the availability of fresh/seasonal food. Rather than make the same old variation on a berry jam I am so used to making that I no longer need the recipe, I decided to actually try another (yes, I actually have pinned more than one) of my jam recipes. The blueberry lemon sounded delicious and different. I followed the recipe almost exactly, save for my modified cooking. I cook it at a lower heat for longer, it just works for me. The recipe called for a slightly different ratio of sugar to berries. It called for 3.5 cups to 6 cups of berries. I thought maybe this was to counter the sourness of the lemon juice. Nope, the recipe writer just has a real sweet tooth. The flavour combination is awesome, even if it takes a bit of getting used to with peanut butter. For next time I will stick with the usual that I have found works for me, 1 sugar to 2 fruits. (I have no math background, I have no idea how to write ratios.)


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