Sandwiches in the Rain? Not Really

25 Mar

I was wary of best late night sandwich. The two do not seem to go together, late night and sandwich just conjures up images of Homer eating the days old sub from behind the radiator.

Nonetheless, Tuesday evening (see just about every post previous about my thinking regarding “late night”) we found ourselves walking down to King and Spadina. The weather was less than stellar. It was only raining lightly, but it promised to get worse. Bellybusters Sandwiches was more like Subway than what I had been picturing. Not noticing the lack of an oven, I ordered a pizza sub. It was warmed up in the microwave. Other than the  subsequent lack of crispness in the bread, it was delicious. A horrible mess to eat, as it started to disintegrate, but still delicious. I can definitely see this being a better late night option than McDonalds. It was not spectacular by any means. Just a delicious sandwich.



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