What A Meal!

06 Jul

Alo had been voted best new restaurant of 2015. The address said it was located at Queen & Spadina, and I could not fathom where this place possibly was. Now I know why, it used to be a hair salon. We had made reservations back in April and it was finally time for our fancy French dinner. The restaurant does a 5 course tasting menu. For each dish there is a choice between two, therefore it made logical sense for one of us to order option 1 for all, and the other to get option 2. The server recommended a vodka drink and I figured, heck, why not. It was delicious, tasted like lemonade and garnished with fresh berries. It was also a tad girlie, especially compared with the whisky based cocktail that Brent had ordered/been suggested. The meal was outstanding, easily one of the best if not the best we have ever had in the city. My like of rhubarb was further confirmed with dessert. It was funny because on the walk over I had been talking about my recent conversion to liking rhubarb. I had never liked it before simply because it had a terrible name and I assumed it tasted terrible, so veggie-like. An A+ all around.

For dessert (well, second dessert) we decided to go to Red Bench, voted best frozen yogurt. I had tried it before but still, any excuse for more dessert and the chance of cookies is fine by me. Their frozen yogurt does not taste like flavoured ice. It is creamier and more delicious. I made a mistake however, I was intrigued by the pink velvet cookie, surely it had to be good? It was mildly berry-flavoured and I was not having it. Partly because I had just devoured half a smores cookie and half an Oreo cookies and creme cookie.

Before we had gone to Red Bench we stopped in at Bar Volo for a pint (our trip to England, and the nightly pub stop has changed us). At first I only saw one cider on the board, Spirit Tree smoked hop. It was only as I was sipping it that I noticed two more, thankfully they were not nearly as intriguing, citra hop < smoked hop. It tasted like there was a tiny little hint of bacon in my cider, in a good way.


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