Roll Over, We’ve Got A New Winner!

17 Jul

Lobster roll recently got updated, the best lobster roll in the city is now apparently found at Rodney’s Oyster House. Last time we went there dinner was amazing, heck yes I wanted to go back! The lobster roll is a tough dish to pull off. Most of the time there is too much mayonnaise and occasionally too much lobster meat. Rodney’s had been good in the past, I was curious to see if they could pull it off. Migawd did they ever, it was amazing! It was served on a brioche bun (actually it may have been a folded slice of bread) that had been buttered and lightly toasted. It came with a slice of bacon and all atop a leaf of lettuce that actually was quite good, adding some crunch and lightness and oddly making it more satisfying and somehow refreshing. Best I have ever had? That is a tough call, as the one we had in Maine at Mabel’s Lobster Claw was also pretty damn good. Best one in the city? Of course. The crispy calamari was OK, nothing outstanding and I was left with a bowl of breading that had fallen off.

Even though it is a summer month (so much easier to remember than “months that have R in them”) we ordered oysters, we were after all at an oyster house. We got two each, one from the west coast and one from the east coast. The McInstosh oyster from Nova Scotia was far better than the Kusshi oyster from British Columbia. Our dinner was made all the better when I saw on the menu that they had West Ave’s Cherriosity cherry cider!!! I am very quickly falling in love with West Ave. brewery (cidery?) and I hope there’s more of it in my future. Adding to the awesomeness, the creme brulee was on the menu! Finally I would get to try the creme brulee that 3.5 years ago I did not get to try! Except when we ordered it we were told it’s actually not available. What gives guys?!

We went back to Plan A for dessert which was to walk up to Kensington Market to get some nitro ice cream from Eative. Apparently, I am told, that this is the latest food trend to hit Toronto. And with the current heat wave I am all for extra cold ice cream. Except when we got there it had literally just closed. It was just after 8pm! What kind of ice cream serving establishment closes at 8pm, especially during the summer. Even moreso during a heatwave! Hello special business hours?! Extenuating circumstances anyone?! I was very sad. Even moreso when I saw two girls standing outside eating their ice cream, meanwhile I was dessert-less.

Once again I was drowning my sorrows at Bar Volo. You can tell they are shutting down soon. The board only featured one cask, whereas it used to be six. The bitter cider was gone, and the only ones they had on the board I had tried all of them. I decided to risk it and order a beer. A raspberry beer. Turns out that Burdock Brewery makes a wicked good raspberry saison. I downed it no problem, it was delicious. Either that, or I am starting to develop a taste for beer??? We stayed for a second round, I could not pass up some more Revel cardinal cider, it was so damn good and I know that the other two (West Ave heritage cider and the cherry one) I can get elsewhere.

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