Minneapolis and Northern Wisconsin- Day 2

27 Aug

Sat. Aug. 20, 2016:
Chetek, WI driving to Bayfield, WI

I woke up at 8am but decided to keep sleeping until it was actually time to wake up, I slept right up until the alarm clock went off. It felt so good to have slept almost 12 hours. It was so nice to have our breakfast delivered to our door, effectively we ended up having breakfast in bed. The blueberry loaf was delicious, there was also an indeterminate muffin (we have no idea what flavour it was, it was just a muffin). The coffee and fruits were just what I needed. We watched the triathlon event in the Olympics but the American announcers were unbearable. When Brent got distracted by his computer I changed the channel to TLC. I much preferred watching Say Yes To The Dress. When we checked out we were given cookies for the road. I was in love with the Canoe Bay resort.

As we drove it rained lightly and constantly, it was annoying because they were calling for rain all day. A red tail hawk flew by over head, I could tell because I saw the tail spread out. It was the closest I had ever seen one. We drove by a lot of little lakes. The rain was getting even more annoying as it would stop at times, giving me false hope, and then start up again. We stopped at a liquor and fudge (such a weird combination) store. The selection was limited, they only had one craft cider and it was oddly enough from Seattle.

We were staying at the Old Rittenhouse Inn in Bayfield, Wisconsin. It was nice because if no one had checked in yet, they allowed you to explore the house and check out the other rooms. We had an afternoon cruise around the Apostle Islands on Lake Superior planned but it was still raining. Thankfully the boat was covered so it wouldn’t be an issue. For lunch we did not have enough time to go out, so we stayed in and ate hint of jalapeno Tostitos and I had a cider. There was no TV in the room, only a whirlpool tub. We watched Murder On A Sunday Morning on the laptop, but I must admit I kept drifting off to sleep. The cider probably was not helping my sleepy self.

The cruise ended up being three and a half hours long but it was awesome. We tried sitting on the open deck up top but soon the rain got to be too much and we bailed and went downstairs. But not before, unexpectedly, seeing some bald eagles sitting in a tree. I took a picture and zoomed in to confirm, because all we saw were little white blobs on a tree. The islands further out were really interesting, there were caves that had formed underneath Devil’s Island and there were fresh rock collapses as well. Further out, away from the sheltered inlet, the water was much choppier with huge waves tossing us around. It was about this time that I started to think that their policy of allowing passengers to bring their own alcohol aboard the ship was the not the best idea. I could feel the cider sloshing around in my belly and I was afraid I would get sick. Popcorn and peanut M&Ms helped make me feel better. On the way back we saw a bald eagle flying overhead.

We had dinner at a restaurant one block from our hotel. Maggie’s was flamingo-themed as far as the eye could see. We were told it would be a 20 minute wait so we sat at the bar, they had a summer shandy on tap that Brent had wanted to try. A lady a few seats down from us was hammered and she face-planted off her stool. It was not even 9pm yet. All told the wait was less than 10 minutes, a nice surprise when you are voraciously hungry. I had the all-American cheeseburger with applewood smoked bacon and cheddar. It was ok, but not outstanding. It was better than Brent’s thin crust pizza with chicken and brie. The only ciders they had on the menu were the fake kind with juice so I got a cocktail instead. As I was sipping my bright blue Lake Superior margarita I saw that they had a Pink Flamingo cocktail with pink lemonade! I had messed up but I could not handle a second cocktail, I was way too full. I was even too full for dessert.

It was still raining but luckily it was literally a two minute walk back to the hotel. The shower made me mad, it was impossible to figure out. Apparently you had to push up on the bathtub faucet to change it to shower. We watched the end of the Tragically Hip’s final performance as I caught up on writing in my notebook. It was nice that the CBC did not block the content geographically.

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