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08 Sep

I am not a fan of Caesar’s. Tomato juice, gross. Clamato, even grosser. Celery stick, super gross. Last time we went out for best Caesar to Rock Lobster I could not even bring myself to have a sip of Brent’s drink. I just stared at it in reviled terror. I watched his face as he drank it and I felt empathy for him. Sadly the list got re-voted and rather than relegate best Caesar to the other best’s in the city that we ignore (namely non-food stuff, which I think a Caesar qualifies as) Brent was staring down a monster of a Caesar at Dundas  And Carlaw cafe. It really was a monster, it was garnished with a huge skewer: two olives, a pickled green bean, a full size pickle and a pepperette, and a lime on the rim. I silently sipped my Brickworks cider, achieving peak hipsterdom as it was in a glass mason jar and I was thinking about my cross-stitch project which I had abandoned to go out. I could not do it, I could not make myself take a sip of it. I ate half a pickle and had a bite of the pepperette which was also not that good.

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Posted by on September 8, 2016 in Adventures of Pinka!, Fooding


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