More Like Best Name

11 Sep

I was thrilled to see that best grilled cheese had been revoted. Partly I was amused by the name, Cut The Cheese. Any place with a good name already goes up a notch in my books. Plus the opportunity to go out for grilled cheese?! I love grilled cheese. So simple, yet so delicious. My weekend was made. It was a hell of a walk, but we made a lot of progress in Pokemon Go, so the time flew by.

I had high hopes for this place, they had both wacky grilled cheese and regular standard. I decided to get the regular standard but with some bacon thrown in. The best way to judge a grilled cheese place is to have the regular and the wacky. Brent had the one with pork belly, coleslaw and hickory sticks- and he won by far. I was shocked that mine was so subpar. What can go wrong with double-smoked bacon (did not taste smokey), old aged cheddar (not enough of it) and sour dough bread? Easy. The bread to cheese ratio was waaaaaay off. Thicker slices of bread, especially well-buttered sour dough are ok. But then you have to add more cheese! Also some cheese variety would have been nice.

So far the best grilled cheese was still at George St. Diner.

Given we were in the Junction, we headed across the street to Indie Ale House for a pint and to check out the bottle shop. The raspberry sour was delicious and the perfect afternoon drink.


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