I’m Surprised That Didn’t Make Me Sick…

15 Sep

Well I guess the title gives it away: our most recent fooding adventure was less than successful. Best Philly cheesesteak had recently been posted, I was 50-50 on it to begin with. The first time I had a Philly cheesesteak I was somewhere in North Carolina or Tennessee with Molly. We had stopped in at a restaurant and I had a fancy sandwich. I’m talking french baguette, actual sliced steak, provolone cheese and mushrooms- it was amazing. Little did I know at the time that it was a fraud. I learned this when we visited Philadelphia and went to the source. Cheez Whiz was involved, but even still it was not that bad. Not as good as the gourmet, but still edible.

I knew what I was in for. Even still I did not expect a sandwich THIS terrible. Honest to food-god, it was not steak. It tasted (and sort of looked like) ground beef. And I cannot believe I am saying this: there was not enough “cheese.” The Cheez Whiz had been poured on after the meat, but that meant that every other bite was just bun and meat, as the Cheez Whiz had not fully sunk throughout the sandwich. Why didn’t they pour it, add meat, pour more? Thankfully it was not that large, even still towards the end I was very grateful that Brent had noticed that they sell beer and had abandoned his soda and given it to me.

Would the second half of our evening prove as unsatisfactory? Northwood had been voted best cocktail. Those were some big shoes to fill after Bar Chef wowed us and Cocktail Bar inadvertently got us drunk as we kept having to try “just one more” because they were amazing. My phone had died playing Pokemon Go, I was desperate for juice. We sat inside, despite how hot it was- worth it! The service was very slow. This may have been because of a dopey heart-broken guy who would not shut up and kept talking to the bar tenders. Even when he grabbed his bag, ready to leave, he stayed for another 15 minutes still talking.

The first cocktail I had was good, but nowhere near what I had been expecting. I downed it pretty fast in the hopes of ordering another one as the server brought Brent’s beer (which he had ordered when his Manhattan arrived, like i said the service was slow). The second cocktail (La Commune) was amazing, way better. I was trying to order one of each: a muddle, a sour and an original. I finally got to try Chinese 6-spice. The third drink (Black Walnut), made with their own in-house tea-infused vodka was far and away the best cocktail of the night.

In the end I would still rather go to Cocktail Bar, even though it is more expensive. Or Bar Raval, or Cold Tea.


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