Can’t Say No To That

29 Sep

Best Japanese restaurant had recently been updated. It was the same restaurant, Guu, but now under a new name: Kinka Izakaya. We had no idea if the menu was still the same or if that had also been changed. If it meant putting off having to walk all the way out to Victoria Park I was all for it. Plus the food at Guu had been amazing.

There was a couple in front of us who had the longest debate about whether to sit at the bar or on the patio. Once they decided on the bar, the server told us we had the same choice. Luckily for her, we did not debate. Patio! Turns out only the name had changed, the menu was the same. No complaints here, I love their jellyfish dish. Love. Even if it is the toughest thing ever to eat with chopsticks. My other choice was the beef carpaccio which later on I realized we had ordered before. Again, no complaints here, it was awesome. Brent had chosen the kimchi udon, the fried chicken and the deep-fried squid. The squid was delicious, the udon noodles were ok and the fried chicken was subpar. I was actually quite surprised as most of the dishes we have had over the years had been amazing. At least we had eaten the chicken last, that way it did not sully our overall experience. We were also too full to order any more food.


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