Now We’re Talking: Cheese

29 Sep

I had recently been bemoaning the paltry grilled cheese experience I had at what was supposed to be the best grilled cheese place in the city. I went back to the list and noticed that Maha’s Egyptian restaurant was listed as number three, offering an interesting take on the grilled cheese. It just so happened that Maha’s had recently been voted best shakshuka, thus we were heading there anyways. Brent would be having the shakshuka, I wanted no part in it. Eggs? Meh. Tomato? Gross. Combine the two? Pass.

We made the same rookie mistake as last time, showing up around 12:30 on a Saturday at a popular brunch place. We put our name on the list and were told it would be 30-60 minutes. We set off to nearby Left Field Brewery, alas it was closed, they were away at Oktoberfest. We walked back to the restaurant via the side streets in an attempt to make some progress in Pokemon Go with the little bit of battery I had left on my phone. The wait wasn’t too bad and in no time we were seated, but on the patio, with no outlet in sight. I was cursing myself for not having bought the portable battery pack for my phone earlier in the week.

I was so psyched for the grilled cheese that nothing could bother me, not the slow service, not the loud annoying child, nothing. My cheese cravings had reached a peak earlier in the week when I had been on a roll making cheese puns. Thankfully our app arrived relatively quickly. I was getting hangry, a new normal for me now as Invisalign has ruined all-day snacking for me. The dokka dish, which was pita bread, sesame seeds and spices and olive oil, was a knock-out. It totally hit the spot. The pita bread was warmed up which made it that much better. I had the honey cardamom latte last time, so this time I went with the black mint tea. It was served in a small teapot with the tiniest little teacup.

This is only a selection

This is only a selection

The sandwich had: gouda, havarti and swiss cheese, butter-fried dates, the bread was drizzled with honey before being grilled. One bite and I was in heaven- as a long string of cheese formed between me and the sandwich as I placed it down. With every cheesey bite I was happier. The cumin home fries were OK, but I waited to eat those until I had finished the sandwich. I knew I wouldn’t be able to finish everything and I would rather have more grilled cheese than more cumin home fries.

Even just thinking about that grilled cheese now has made me crave cheese all over again.

Oh right, the shakshuka. I was not expecting it to be eggs and tomato finely minced, eaten with a pita bread. I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious it was.

And as is tradition, we stopped at Von Doughnut’s on the way home. They only had three donuts left and the choice was obvious: butter tart. The donut was cut in half and filled with butter tart filling and it had a candied nut  and a buttery caramely icing on top. It was easily one of the best donuts I have ever had.


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