Ending on a Delicious Note

23 Dec

The posting avalanche ends with our last fooding outing of the year (and what a year it was!). We finally managed to get reservations at Mamakas, voted best Greek restaurant. Apparently a very popular place, it had looked like we may have to save it for 2017 but we managed to get in.

And no wonder it is so popular, the food was incredible! I ate goat tartare atop goat cheese. More than one bite and only mildly tasting off that tinge I hate so much. It was worth it to try the in-house made pitas. Everything was made as a sharing plate, so we did not have to do the awkward plate-swapping halfway through. We just tore into one big plate. Brent got suckered into ordering fries on the side, our server was like that’s not enough food you guys. The fries were good, save for the feta. But again, that’s just me hating feta. The winner was the Mediterranean sea bass, it was so simple and yet so delicious. Olive oil, sea salt lemon and every bite was gustatory heaven. The cured swordfish was also delicious. The baklava was incredible as it was not overly sweet.

Mamakas had been billed as having a “high-end booze” menu as well, so of course we dug right into the cocktail menu. High-end? I have no idea. Fancy and delicious, yup.


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