Guacie Guac Guac, I’ll Make it Fresh!

23 Dec

We had tried to go to Tenoch on a weeknight, we did not anticipate it being closed after 7pm. We did not make the same mistake for round two. We set out on a Saturday afternoon with dreams of the best guacamole dancing in our heads. It had been a few months, I really don’t know why it took us so long.

This was one of the better meals of the year, and it was so cheap too! The margarita had a generous helping of tequila, not ideal on an empty stomach but who can complain? The guacamole was indeed amazing, it was saltier than I am used to, but that made it better. I did not know that guacamole could be that good. The quesadilla I ordered was amazing. It filled all my cheese cravings (this was before we went out to the best diner, see previous post, they are all out of order now, oops) and then some. My only regret is that the meat I chose did not exactly go with the cheese. Brent’s steak taco won the night, it was delicious and spicy and just perfect.


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