I’m Sure That’s a Dining Table

23 Dec


Best mac and cheese was finally updated. I say finally because I had been craving it for a while and was looking for an excuse to indulge. Bobbie Sue’s was not what I had expected. It was just a walk-up window and some muskoka chairs and a plastic curtain and heat lamps. Brent had noticed some seating downstairs, it looked like it could be an eating area, there were napkins and a container of cutlery. The chairs seemed intended for people waiting for their order anyways. Once we got down there though it seemed like maaaabye we were in a staff eating area. Who could say. No one stopped us and so we chowed down. I had the traditional and Brent had the buffalo chicken. Far and away he won. It was good eating and I can see why they won: the portion size was reasonable. Oh and it was delicious and it totally hit the spot. Good noodles, good cheese. It was not Kraft Dinner, but that might be it’s own category of mac and cheese.


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