23 Dec

Guu in Parkdale was recently voted best izakaya restaurant in Toronto. This might not seem like news, Guu already held that title, what of it? Well the other two locations are no longer Guu, now they’re Kinka and there was some ownership split and some kerfuffle. What matters is the food.

We made a reservation and good thing too, the place was really busy. We were by the door and for most of the night when things were quiet we talked to the host. He was awesome. I ordered a sake mojito and it came with a Japanese soda that had a little plug I had to pop into the soda to open it. It was confusing at first, but I figured it out. After drinking it I realized I should try sake on it’s own. Then to round it out, I tried the sake chocolate mojito, why not.

The menu was pared down and had more culinary styles compared to what we were used to. But my old standby, the jellyfish was there. But it got relegated to the second tier if were still hungry. The best dish of the night, hands down, was the sous-vide cooked steak. It was incredible and so flavourful! Albeit eating the mashed potatoes with chopsticks was awkward. On the host’s recommendation, in the second round we got the jerk chicken… and my beloved jellyfish. We gave the fried chicken another chance, and it was better this time, but still not that great.

We stopped in at Duggan’s for a drink before heading home. I had passed it a few times but we were never in the neighbourhood since it had opened (ironic given we used to live nearby). The raspberry beer really hit the spot and it was nice to sit back and relax. Until Brent recognized a logo on a guy’s shirt and tried to do a secret hand-shake at/with the guy. At first he was bewildered, then he quickly caught on and was delighted. His girlfriend meanwhile remarked to me on the topic of being embarrassed by one’s partner. It was lightly snowing out and soon about 20 people in Santa hats and elf costumes came in. I was ready to go home, four drinks and a tonne of great food made for an excellent night out. Plus I had caved and ordered a West Ave cider (who could resist?). I was ready for sleep.


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