What A Dive

23 Dec

Harry’s in Parkdale had recently been voted best diner. I was all for it when I heard taht the guys behind Bar Raval and Black Hoof had bought the place and worked wonders on it, winning it a BlogTO best of no less. Diner is a generous word. Dive bar in a crappy strip mall next to a crappy No Frills is more apt. And the bar, I cannot call it a diner, I really can’t, offered just that: no frills. The bar was small, our table was small and our precious tabletop real estate was crowded into by the wall-mounted jukebox. The napkin dispenser rested precariously on top, I feared bringing it all down when I went to grab a napkin. Oh, and the service was slow. But for all that… migawd, that grilled cheese sandwich. It is something my great-great-grand-nieces-and-nephews will be hearing about. The best grilled cheese list needs updating, because this is it. I don’t think a better grilled cheese can be found. Except maybe in heaven, cheese heaven. Did I mention it had ham? It was a grilled cheese and ham. It was buttered. It was slightly spicy. It was AMAZING. I cannot even describe it. Go eat it and come back. The old fashioned was good too. Green chorizo burger was delicious, but that grilled cheese sandwich, goddamn. I drool just thinking about it.


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