Can’t Go Wrong with a Sandwich

29 Jan

For some reason it seemed perfectly fine to go to Kensington Market on a Saturday evening. It was only once we turned and entered the street that it dawned on me:… Saturday’s are so busy here! There were people everywhere, well what I could see of them through the fog.

I was worried we would have to walk and eat and that Torteria San Cosme, best cheap eats 2016, would be rammed. Thankfully I snagged two stools by the window while Brent ordered our sandwiches. On the side we had agua frescas. I was expecting water with a few bits of fruit and hibiscus leaves in it- not something more like juice. No complaints here, it was better than I had expected.

Our sandwiches were somehow so drastically different- yet we could not decide whose was better. The guacamole in mine, but the bacon in Brent’s? We were tied. It was nice to sit and relax, enjoying a delicious steak sandwich while people, er.. dog-watching. I saw some real cuties and one not-so-cutie. As if the meal was not awesome enough, we finished it off with fresh churros and dulce de leche sauce.

Our 2017 fooding was off to an amazing start. And so cheap, so far! Did I mention we went to Birreria Volo after and they had not one, but two (!!!), two Cantillon’s… on tap!!!


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