What A Wait

29 Jan

We recently cleared out most of the places within a reasonable walking distance of our house. One that we had not been to yet was Pai in the Entertainment District, voted best Thai restaurant. And that’s because it took us almost a month to be able to get a reservation. When we got there the line went from the host stand all the way up the stairs to the front door. I felt like a jerk by-passing the line, but we had reservations. Unfortunately the previous people had not yet left our table and were just sitting there talking, after some milling about and consulting with others, we were soon seated. Looking around, the place was absolutely crammed. It was incredible. A Wednesday night and the wait was 45 minutes to an hour for a table.

We had looked up the menu before going out so we knew what we wanted. I was torn between two cocktails, one had a Polish liqueur, Krupnik, in it and was served with ginger beer and ginger garnish. The other one had Thai iced tea. I ended up going for the first, saving the other one if I decided to have a second round.

We were voraciously hungry and we each ordered an appetizer and a main- which almost never happens. Good thing we had, the coconut shrimp I chose was easily the best dish of the night. Second place actually went to my cocktail. The rest of the food was delicious but it was not an epic stand-out meal. I did not really enjoy the deconstructed salad. The pork was good but who needs that much lettuce?

I would have been mad had we been waiting 45 minutes to an hour. It was a good meal but nothing spectacular.


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