Them Buns!

07 Feb

Best new bakery of 2016 had recently been posted. Great we thought! It’s within walking distance as we were starting to run out of best-of’s near us. All well and good except Rosen’s Cinnamon Buns is not open on weekends and they close at 3pm! What were we to do?! Luckily we were taking a long weekend with Friday and Monday off, to go to Quebec City for Carnaval. We took transit to Ossington and College which left us plenty of time to walk over to Billy Bishop Airport to catch our flight.

We almost walked right by the place as they still have the signage from an old business on the exterior. I suggested we get our cinnamon buns in boxes, as I was anticipating not being able to finish it. That’s how it always is with cinnamon buns, they are too rich and sweet to finish. Yes they are delicious but man alive do they ever hurt your teeth and send you into a sugar coma. Not these buns! These cinnamon buns were so light, fluffy and buttery. The perfect amount of cinnamon and frosting, not overly sweet. And bonus: they were warm. I devoured it in no time.

Best bakery? Tough to say as all they sell is cinnamon buns, so no, not really. Ok, I guess it was not that tough to say. However, I would say they are best cinnamon bun in the city. Hands down. Not sticky hands, cinnamon buns are to be eaten with a fork, duh.


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