Lackluster Dinner

13 Mar

Best Chinese restaurant had been re-voted, but thankfully it was still on Spadina (it’s so annoying when the new winner is really far away when it used to be so close). We went to Rol San without a reservation. There was no way it would be crammed on a Wednesday late afternoon. We did not make the mistake this time of ordering rice. Neither of us likes rice that much and we would rather eat something tastier. Even still we ended up getting too much food. However, the coconut shrimp and egg rolls were so blah that we did not even bother attempting to finish each dish. Those two stood in stark contrast to the sweet & sour chicken and the soy ginger beef which were both amazing.

Our fortune cookies gave me false hope. Mine said “Good news is on its way” and Brent’s said “A confidential tip will clue you in to a great financial deal.” Of course, I thought why not play the numbers from the fortune in the lottery. I lost.


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