East Coast Done: Day 6

29 Jun

Wed. May 24, 2017:
Saint Simon Island, GA

Because we had pre-ordered our breakfast the service was fast- which was a good thing as we had early lunch plans. The country ham was delicious but the real stand-out was the bacon. It was so crispy yet it was nowhere near burnt. The buttermilk waffles were a bit of a let-down. I was starting to rethink my stance on biscuits and on marmalade: those two food items were turning out to be quite tasty. Maybe I had just been eating bad biscuits and crummy marmalade before? Over breakfast I joked about watching Say Yes to The Dress when we got back to the room, and what do you know, it actually was on!

Mrs. Wilke’s Dining Room was open from 11am for lunch but we were going to have to line up early because they do not take reservations. We got there 20 minutes before open and there was a huge lineup. As we stood in line we people-watched and to our horror we saw a man approach. He was going in for a class chat & cut which was already bad enough. Things only got worse as we realized he had a plastic recorder- the worst instrument of all time- tucked into the waist of his pants. We watched in suspended terror… as nothing happened. Then 20 minutes later he started to play. Thankfully he immediately stopped. Sometime around then the people behind us got unbearably annoying. The one guy was so arrogant and he would not stop talking, his friend barely got in a word, their respective ladies had left. He would occasionally switch to Spanish which annoyed me even more: just stick to Spanish so I can’t understand! He kept saying the stupidest things, to the point that I wondered if it was a gimmick to make people leave so he could move ahead in line. We did not budge.

We finally got in around 12:15, right before it started pouring again. Luckily the annoying guy was not at our table. The lunch was served family-style, everything was set out on table and we served ourselves. By default we each had a glass of sweet tea and you had to ask for water or unsweetened tea. It was nice to be able to control my portion sizes and not have to eat cabbage or greens. It was absolutely worth the wait. The fried chicken was some of the best I have ever had and I definitely had seconds even though I was a bit full. The Savannah red rice came in a close second, tied with the sweet potato dish. I was still not digging the cornbread, even though Brent said it was amazing. We were ready to get up and leave to pay our bill when a server came over and told us dessert was still on its way. There was just so much food! It was a good thing we had not left. The peaches a la mode were amazing. Easily one of the best desserts I have ever had in my life. The ice cream was slowly melting over a soft buttery graham cracker crust underneath which were the best damn cooked mushy peaches of all time. It was other-wordly and I would wait in line for that dessert alone.

It was still raining when we went back out. There was one block that was super windy. We passed by a squirrel chilling on a branch, he was sort of afraid of us but he also had no intention of going anywhere in this weather. We returned the umbrella (we had downsized to just one) and grabbed the car key. It was time to head out to Saint Simon Island.

The rain and thunder had worsened. By the time we got to a nearby gas station to fill up, the sky was black and the rain was a torrential downpour. On the highway there were huge puddles. I saw a car go through a puddle and the water went clear over the roof of the car like a giant wave. We were staying at the Sea Island Inn which was a 5 minute drive from the resort and the beach on the island. On the way in we had seen a giant osprey swoop down and land on its nest.

After we had settled in at the hotel and gotten our beach passes we headed back out. On the way to the car we saw something scuttling- a bug? No it was a weird little crab. Two crabs- scuttling around like beetles. We stopped at grocery store on the way to the resort. The drink selection was great and they had a deal where you could fill a cardboard 6 pack for $10- regardless of which singles you grabbed! I ended dup finding 3 different ciders and we grabbed two six packs. There was another guy there, equally as overwhelmed by the selection.

At the resort check-in the lady said she would highlight a few key features for us on the map. Except she kept going and in the end she highlighted everything. We walked down to the beach but it soon started raining again and it was windy and cold. It was a TV and ciders kind of afternoon. I did manage to find some nice shells to take home as souvenirs. I also saw a “dead” horseshoe crab but I was afraid to approach because what if it wasn’t dead? What if he was faking it?!

We stopped at CVS on the way back. I was in need of face powder and by chance we found Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food ice cream which pairs nicely with BBQ flavoured Lays kettle chips. An excellent dinner when staying on a resort. We still had some “mega” Mike & Ike’s left over from our grocery trip store. I don’t know why they were called mega, they were regular size, there was just more flavours in the box is all.

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