I’m Back Baby!

01 Jul

It had been a while since we had gone fooding. We ran out of nearby places, I was going crazy with end of school and we had gone on vacation. Slowly but surely lists starting getting updated and new places started popping up. A few weeks ago we found ourselves having a “business lunch” yet again, this time at Drake 150. And as always I had an agenda on my phone. I tried to limit the wedding stuff and cover a wide range of topics. I have since deleted the list and I have no clue what was on that list.

I made the mistake of asking to be seated outside. Patio season had barely started and I was desperate for the feel-good of the nice weather. As we walked to the patio I glimpsed the wacky interior and all the business people having their business lunches. Dammnit, I thought, I screwed that one up. A business lunch is never complete without alcohol, enter Ginger Rogers: ginger beer and some kind of alcohol that I failed to make note of. If it is not yet obvious, I am not good at business lunching. In fact I am very bad at it.

I ordered the chicken sandwich. Honestly, the focaccia bun was the best part. Until it started to disintegrate from all the mayonnaise. The lettuce was actually one of the better components, a welcome texture amidst the chewy (even the chicken was a bit rubbery). The fries were also a welcome change. It was funny to watch Brent, in his dress shirt and tie, cutting a pizza with scissors. Ah yes, in addition to the wedding we discussed an upcoming barbecue at a friend’s house. We thought it would be hilarious to bring kale and rabbit sausages as their dog had recently found a dead rabbit and eaten their kale saplings before they even got planted. I had been assigned a deliverable: get those products. I failed because I was overburdened with shopping bags from all the sales at the Eaton Centre. Like I said, I am not good at business.


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