Kids? Argh!

01 Jul

Piano Piano had been voted best kid-friendly restaurant. Honestly, I was dreading going there. I had visions of the restaurant from The IT Crowd passing through my mind. Children screaming and embarrassed parents. Piano Piano was not at all what I had expected. It had a nice interesting interior and a bar. There were only two kids in there and they were so well-behaved that it was almost unnerving. One of them was wearing a polo shirt. The menu was printed like a newspaper which entertained me to no end as Brent tried to figure out what to order. None of the cocktails caught my fancy and I decided to change it up for once and order, *gasp*, a red wine. Only because it was from Italy and we were in an Italian restaurant. My dislike of red wine may be biased because when I think of it, it is always in reference to a whole bottle not just a glass. This may be added to my future drink rotation.

Brent ordered a pizza and I ordered a pasta dish because those were the two items that Piano Piano was known for. And no wonder, the pasta dish with spicy sausage was amazing. Easily the second best in the city. First still goes to the pig-blood noodles at Enotecca Sociale. Nothign on the dessert menu really caught our fancy. I was intrigued by the Nutella tiramisu but I was not about to eat the whole thing by myself- that would be too much.

I did end up overdoing it later at Dairy Queen, straying from my go-to snack size and getting a small. It was too much and I soon regretted it.


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