The Calzone That Went Too Far

01 Jul

In continuing our streak of returning to previously voted best-ofs, we found ourselves heading back out to the neighborhood near Birreria Volo. Obviously we would have to stop in there after dinner for a drink or two. Bitondo’s had been voted best calzone. But it would be silly to get two calzones, so I went with the old stand-by a pepperoni slice. I had forgotten how big the slice is and that they do not cut it for you. While I battled trying to eat half the slice, Brent mounted an attack on a cheese calzone. Cheese was the only one they had left. In theory it sounded great. The first few bites were great. Then it went overboard really fast. There was just way too much cheese in there. It was just cheese! A sea of cheese with traces of tomato sauce. Add to that the deep-fried texture of the outside and it was overkill. I ate maybe a third of it and then popped my last two Pepto-Bismols and prayed my stomach would not hurt.

As per usual we overdid it at Birreria Volo. I paced myself and only had 3 but it was enough to do me in. On the way home I stopped and got a Drumstick ice cream cone. At this point I was still feeling fine. It was only soon after that everything kicked in at once. I don’t think I have ever been that bloated and uncomfortable and in stomach pain before in my life! Except the pain part, but that was because I ate a cucumber and ~apparently~ those now make my stomach hurt?


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