01 Jul

Best veggie burger had been re-voted and now it was a stones throw from our house- which in the cold and darkness of March is nothing to sneeze at, I will take what I can get. It may have also won the record for proximity to our house.

The burger itself was not my cup of tea. No surprise there: I hate veggies and I hate all “burgers”- nothing but meat for me. Except portobello mushrooms, but then don’t ca;; it a burger, called it a fried portobello on a bun. Sidebar over.

The real knockout at Planta was the tacos with beans and cilantro with guacamole. The sweet potatoes with beans came in a close second. The spicy fries were good but the portion was way too big even for two of us to split. I also really enjoyed the cocktail made with cold pressed juice and cayenne pepper. It made drinking an alcoholic cocktail seem less unhealthy.


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