You Again?!

01 Jul


I am not a fan of quiche. No human should consume that quantity of egg in one meal, it’s just too much. Regardless, I would still try a bite of quiche. A bite was all I needed really. Bonjour Brioche had been voted best quiche and I was not about to turn down a croissant for breakfast. I did not have high hopes of a chocolate croissant. It was my lucky day however as they were not all sold out, despite how late (almost 11am!) we got there. I also got a loaf of bread. The day before I had bought some nice deli meats and a Beau’s beer washed rind cheese- I had epic plans for an afternoon lunch.

The first bite of quiche was not that good. I tried a bite towards the end, when it got to the crispy flaky crust. Now that was a good bite! It had flaky crust, green onion and ham. Why did they not just make it a mini-quiche so you have more crispy to soft texture ratio?! And it would be easier to serve?!

Despite the fact that the Taste of Italy street festival was going on, we decided to risk and try going to Birreria Volo. Worst case we would have to stand and drink. We did not walk all that way for nothing. Except when we got there they were not open yet. They were opening an hour later than the website had said. Good thing we had set out late that morning. We went to the temporary Muskoka patio next door to hang out. Getting to sit down and drink ice cold water felt pretty darn good. In the end we wound staying there quite a while. I had 4 different beers because the selection was so new. We had not been since December and now it was a panic to try as much as we could. It was alright though because two of my drinks were 5-6oz pours.


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