09 Jul

Ed’s Real Scoop had recently been voted best gelato and wouldn’t you know it, they opened one in Etobicoke right near where my parents still live! Two birds with one stone: quality family time and a best of, it was the perfect plan.

One small note, the posting does say Roncesvalles but arguably all the locations are the same. The Lakeshore location was lacking the jokes in the cone display (plain, sugar, waffle… pine, traffic- cone). But everything else checked out.

I went with my usual go-to, the straciatella flavour. I was not impressed. The gelato itself was so bland. What the hell I thought? What gives Ed’s? Turns out they were on the nose. It is SUPPOSED to be like that! It’s just basic ice cream sans crazy flavours and with chocolate shavings. I liked the chocolate but when I ordered it I was expecting cookies and cream with chocolate bits. I was so wrong. I feel I need to go back and try a different flavour. Then one more time to be certain. Plus now it’s so close that every time I visit I should go. Right? I did steal a bite of Brent’s chili chocolate. It was good but I would not want to eat that much of it. Again, I think we need another trip there.


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