We Feastin’!

20 Jul

I’ve had sushi burritos before, they are alright but a bit too much. I was hoping that Rolltation, best sushi burrito, would have size options like the other place I had been to. Alas no such luck, but at least sushi burritos hold up nicely cold (I ended up eating the second half for dinner the next day). Was it a good sushi burrito? It was alright but like I said I am not a fan. It is a monstrosity to eat, the seaweed is not as easy to bite into as a tortilla is. Plus it is impossible to get a bite with all of the components in it. That is the beauty of sushi: you get all the flavours in one bite.

No worries, we could still turn our day around! Up next we were headed to Kensington Market to get waffles for dessert. Wafels & More was trying to emulate Belgium. I think if I had not been to Belgium and eaten so many waffles from different places I may have liked this place more. Overall I was not impressed, it was just below the lowest ranking waffle I had in Belgium. It was not a bad waffle, but when you go in with the high expectations of a true Belgian waffle… The other downside was that they were out of Speculoos butter (even though they had some for sale on the shelf, were they empties? Where the Biscoff cookie packages also fakes?!). I was not going to order it anways, it came with vanilla ice cream- bleh. It was Brent who had wanted it. I went with the cookies and cream. It was very heavy on the cream. I legit think that there was at least half a can of whipped cream atop my waffle. Maybe more. Probably more. Very likely.

On the way we stopped in at Blackbird Baking Co. We were cutting it a bit close, going so late in the day. Our goal was to get a baguette, they had been voted best baguette. And what’s a baguette without some meat atop it? I already had some good cheese at home. It made sense, especially given that Sanagan’s Meat Market was right next door. It was a tasty baguette and the sandwiches were great (it lasted us a few days!)… but I am still a fan of Thobor’s. That one I end up eating half of on my way home, just picking at it.

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Posted by on July 20, 2017 in Adventures of Pinka!, Fooding


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