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It’s Been How Long…?

The title has a double-meaning: in that we have not been out fooding as often as usual AND best hummus got revoted which made me think…. when was the last time we had eaten best hummus? It was a long time ago. Thankfully the new winner, Fat Pasha, is much closer to our house. No complaints here, we were running out of reasonable-distance places to eat at.

I was excited to go back to Fat Pasha. As Brent read the menu to me, I stopped and gasped when he said Nutella bread pudding. My mouth started to salivate, that sounds so good I said!!! We checked my blog post from last time we went (which, going with my theme, was also quite a while ago). Turns out I have poor memory (blog justified!)- I had eaten the Nutella bread pudding and raved about how awesome it was. Hah. Great.

The menu had changed only slightly since we last went. And turns out it was again going to change in a few days. I doubt they would take hummus off the menu, but still I was secretly relieved like we had made it in the nick of time.

I was all set to order a cocktail made with rhubarb when our server mentioned a cherry sour beer. I misheard and thought there were two special beers: a sour one and a cherry one. It was so good that, quite frankly, I was ok with the inefficiency of our having the same drink. It really was that good, I guess the better selling point would have been my dislike of beer? Point made.

I was really tempted by the potato latkas, it sounded so good. And I was even more hopeful when the server said that it is her favourite dish and that the apple sauce is made in-house and is amazing. Really can’t go wrong with that.

You can go wrong- with too many potatoes. Turns out we did not do a good job of reading the menu. The crispy smashed potatoes sounded too delicious to pass up. We did not realize that latkas are primarily made of potatoes. Needless to say I have never eaten so many potatoes in my life. It did not help that Brent had ordered the lamb dish for his main. I tried a bite but it was the spiciness that got me, not my dislike of lamb.

With so many potatoes and such a giant beer I was no in shape for dessert.

Ah yes, the hummus. The hummus was delicious and definitely some of the best I have ever had. Bonus points for it being served warm and topped with chickpeas.

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