Modified Florida: Day 6

03 Oct

Sun. Sept. 24, 2017:
Palm Beach to Miami, FL to Toronto, ON:

An 8:15am wake-up is not so bad if for some unknown reason you think it’s daylight savings time (it was not). What made the wake-up easier was that I dreamt I had already woken up. Breakfast was included and thankfully it was a buffet and the wedding party had their own separate event going on. The buffet was super fancy and easily the best breakfast buffet we have ever been to. They had apple cider bacon, Virginia ham, in-house baked pastries and donuts. I grabbed so much food because early on I had spotted the bigger plates. Brent said he would split the glazed donut with me, so of course I need a mini chocolate croissant on the side. I balanced it with a yogurt parfait and some extra granola and fruits on the side. The apple chicken sausage was also pretty good. I had also grabbed a mini braided pastry, I was expecting pecans and maple but when I bit into it was cranberry.

The TV in the bathroom mirror said the weather for the day was cloudy skies. The GPS had an option called “return car” that directed us to the car drop off spot, which is always impossible to find. There was no one on the road at 9am on a Sunday. I was so full from breakfast that I couldn’t even finish my Dunkin’ Donuts iced mocha. Also it was not that good.

On the drive we passed three separate car accidents. Turns out Floridians don’t know how to drive in the rain. Or at all really. No one every signals or leaves enough room between cars. The roads also hold the rainwater, so soon we were driving through spraying mist. We could see the bright blue sky up ahead. By the time we were passing through Ft. Lauderdale you wouldn’t have even known it was raining.

The airport was uneventful. Our flight was delayed only a short time. We grabbed some snacks but realized we weren’t sitting together, so we chowed down and ate it all. I was tempted by the duty-free, even moreso when I saw that near our gate there was a sign on the wall saying you could scan the QR code and buy via an app. In the end I was too lazy. I also realized that my travel purse was on its last legs. I spent the last bit of time before boarding desperately searching for a new purse online.

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