I May Have Been Wrong

22 Oct

Continuing the impromptu theme in our fooding, we recently went out for best breakfast sandwiches. Originally we were going to go out for best dim sum until we realized that the #1 spot had not changed. We had already been there. I’m not gonna lie- I am not a fan of breakfast sandwiches. It’s just something about them, too much egg or too much grease. I’ve never had one that was outstanding or memorable. Initially I was going to just get a grilled cheese sandwich, but once we got there and I looked at the chalkboard menu, something about the breakfast burrito just seemed enticing. I think it was the chorizo sausage.

I was expecting gargantuan messy monsters of a sandwich and burrito. I was pleasantly surprised when our reasonably-sized, can-get-all-components-in-one-bite breakfasts arrived. The Rise & Shine breakfast sandwich from Lazy Daisy’s Cafe is hands down the best breakfast sandwich I have ever had. The burrito was also amazing. They have made me seriously rethink my stance on breakfast sandwiches. Which up until now was lukewarm at best (save for a few specific exceptions).

I would happily go back there again and get a breakfast sandwich. Except it was weirdly very busy for a Wednesday at 11am. The cafe was packed. It’s a good thing we had not tried to go there for brunch. I can only imagine the line.


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