BBQ For Breakfast

05 Nov

Adamson’s Barbecue, recently voted best barbecue, is only open for a few short hours 5 days a week. We ended up going on a Saturday morning (risking it being busier) because going out for an 11am lunch at the other end of the city on a work day would be impossible to plan.

We got there 15 minutes before open and already a line had formed. I was kind of hoping there wouldn’t be a line as the restaurant was in an industrial part of town in an old warehouse. Nope, there was still a line. A line of insufferable people. I could not believe how annoying the college kids behind us were. How were they even this awake to be this annoying so early in the day?! Meanwhile the guy in front of us had the worst case of ordering anxiety I had ever seen. He kept bouncing back in forth in the line, talking to the people in front of him, trying to talk to us, always underscoring the fact that he had never been here before. We tried our best to remain aloof without being rude. He was also shocked that there was a line before the place had opened. Clearly he was not familiar with the fooding scene in Toronto.

Once the place opened the line moved inside and slowly inched along. The set-up was that you order at the counter, pay and get your food then you grab a table. The menu was simple enough: either a lunch plate, a sandwich or a pre-determined amount of meat (ex.: 1/2lb of chicken). We opted for each getting a lunch plate. I got two meats (brisket and ribs), Brent got three (turkey, pulled pork and jalapeno-cheddar sausage). We basically got one of each, the chicken was not available for the lunch plate. Each plate also came with two sides. The coleslaw was good, the potato salad not so good. Both ended up being abandoned in favour of chowing down on meat. The brisket was the best one I have ever had! And most of the time I don’t like brisket that much! I had opted for the lean cut and even still it was melt-in-your-mouth fatty. The beef ribs were meaty and delicious. The jalapeño-cheddar sausage was perfectly seasoned with just a hint of jalapeño. The pulled pork was good, but I much prefer it with some kind of sauce in addition to the seasonings. The turkey was good but compared to the brisket it was not outstanding. Without the sides and bread it would have been the perfect amount of food. We ended up taking the slice of bread we each had and adding the pulled pork we couldn’t finish in to make a sandwich for later. Maybe that’s why they give you a slice of bread with your lunch plate? I wish I had more room to eat, the beans that Brent got as his side were also really good. I was also a huge fan of the Big Red cream soda.

Image may contain: food

Because we were already out in the east end of the city we decided to go to the mon K Patisserie for best Japanese desserts. Turns out we had miscalculated the distance a bit, it was another hour’s walk from the barbecue place (which had taken us an hour to walk to already). It might seem incredible, like the city is huge or we are truly dedicated to getting dessert, but mostly it was a detour around the Don River.

Image may contain: food

For dessert we got (ranked in order of best to worst): mini choux pastry cream puff, Yuzu macaron, green tea macaron and finally a really weird take on tiramisiu made with matcha. That last one was a flop but the mini choux was amazing! So it evens out.


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