I’m Sure We Will Figure It Out

05 Nov

A  few weeks ago’s fooding adventure involved something old and something new. On the way to best hot pot (new) we would stop for best bubble tea (old). I don’t know how many times now we have tried bubble tea but I am still not a fan of it. But nevertheless, if The Alley was the best I’d give it a try. What we did not realize was that not all of the drinks are bubble teas. Some of them are just regular teas.  It was also confusing because after you order they ask you how sweet you want it and how much ice. We had no idea what would be good. So we defaulted with regular. Brent had ordered the original milk tea drink. I had ordered the white peach oolong. Mine was not a bubble tea, it was a regular good quality iced tea. One sip of Brent’s bubble tea, followed by a second to verify was more than enough for me. Yes it was better than previous bubble teas. No I am still not a fan of it. I did like the sweet milk base but it was too much to drink an entire cup of it. There was also some initial confusion as we had mixed up our straws. Brent was desperately trying to drink his bubble tea but his straw kept getting jammed because the tapioca (I refuse to call them deerioca as they are called due to the deer theme of The Alley) bubbles got stuck in his straw. Turns out our straws were different thicknesses and we had accidentally swapped.

If only we knew how much more confusion was awaiting us at dinner. It was a short walk over to Morals Village on Dundas. Hot pot was a new one on the list. And new for us in general. We had never been to a hot pot restaurant and we had no idea what to expect. Brent had talked to his co-workers about it and we googled it. The premise was that you boiled meat and veggies in a broiling pot of broth. It seemed simple enough. Even still we were hesitant about it. Some of the meat was marinated in sauce and it seemed like the sauce would come right off in the broth. It did, but the spicy beef stayed spicy. It was an all-you-can-eat scenario which was a good thing because we had also had no idea how much food to even order. At times they also seemed to bring us the wrong dish, but with it being all-you-can-eat it did not matter. It was a lot of fun throwing slices of meat and fish in the broth and eagerly awaiting it to finish cooking and then trying to fish it out with my chopsticks. Weirdly the “crispy pork sausage”- which was actually just cocktail weiners- was one of the best things to toss in. I can’t explain it. It was difficult to fish out, not crispy at all and yet so oddly tasty.

We had a split pot so we could each get a different broth. Brent got the spicy one and I did not not trust it, it had multiple chili pepper icons beside it on the menu, the second most of all the menu items. I opted for the much milder bone broth but I did still try the spicy one just to see how spicy it was. It was unbearably spicy, I did not regret my choice in opting to split and have two broths.

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To finish off the night we went to an LCBO whisky pop-up. We each had a flight of 4 different alcohols. I was tempted by the around the world flight whcih had a Japanese whisky and a Swedish whisky but they lost me when the last two were both Irish whiskys.  I opted for the bourbon flight and Brent had the scotch flight. It was fun sniffing them and ranking them. The pop-up gets bonus points for providing mini shortbread cookies along with the flights.

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