Third Timer

08 Dec

Going back to a restaurant for a second time around is not entirely unheard of in our fooding adventures (or in some cases misadventures when we have to return again because the first attempt was a flop). But three times? For three different best of’s? This place damn well better be good if we are returning for a third time for a third reason. It was a good place, it was one of my city favourites: Buca. I was really looking forward to getting the bread knots, an absolute must even if you’ve had them before.

I was torn about which dish to get initially. On the one hand I had tried their pasta dishes before, so I should try a non-pasta dish no? But there pasta dishes are so good and they are so known for them that maybe I should try another one? I ended up going with the latter and I was not disappointed. For a simple spaghetti dish it was delicious and just the right amount of food.

However we were not there for the pasta and pizza. We were there for the city’s best salumi. Which to me just seems like another, equally fancy, word for charcuterie. It was delicious, but still nothing compared to the breadknots. They stole the show as always.

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Posted by on December 8, 2017 in Fooding


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